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BP MotorClub - Benefits
Why go it alone? You can have 24-hour roadside help across the U.S., Puerto Rico and Canada, in practically any car. On the expressway or in your driveway . . . in any eligible private, non-commercial car that you own, lease, rent, or borrow . . . if you need help, we'll be there.

In addition, your BP MotorClub membership will help you with customized maps and directions, auto related legal services, and much more! You won't incur any out-of-pocket expenses for services covered under your membership.

Click on any of the great benefits below for details!

    Silver Premier Premier Plus
Roadside Assistance
  Road and Towing Service   5 miles   50 miles   100 miles  
  Lockout Service        
  Lost/Stolen Key Service   $60   $120   $120
  Lost Key Return Service   N/A      
  Winching Service        
  Dispatch Guarantee   N/A   $240   $240  
  Road & Tow Reimbursement   $60   $120   $120  
Legal Benefits and Services
  Guaranteed Arrest Bond        
  Auto Theft Deterrent Award   $5,000   $10,000   $10,000  
Travel Benefits and Services
  Trip Interruption Guarantee   N/A   $500   $500  
  Pathfinder® Trip Routing Service        
  Travel Services        
  Hotel and Motel Discounts        
  Car Rental Discounts        
  Instant Travel Weather Information        
  Emergency Travel Reservation Assistance        
  Travel Information Service Hotline        
Additional Benefits and Services
  Auto Buying Tools        
  Vehicle Repair Referral        
  Warranty Repair Service        
  Vehicle Repair Check Guarantee        
  Unbeatable value   $6.50 monthly   $8.99 monthly   $9.99 monthly  

       * Benefits are subject to certain limitations and restrictions.
           Please read the Membership Handbook for important details.
BP MotorClub
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NOTICE: Emergency Roadside Services are provided by local independent service providers contracted through Signature Motor Club, Inc. If you would like a replacement membership kit, go to Sign In tab and place your request or call 1-800-START-UP.